WOMEN Fashion


Splendid Journey

Starting from Spring, 2016, SHIATZY CHEN continues the exciting depiction of one of Four Chinese Great Classic Novels, The Journey to the West, in which Tang Sanzang and three disciples encounter various demons, often finding themselves caught up in spooky cobwebs, Gordian knots, and magical entanglements, yet always managing to see through dark schemes and break hypnotic spells. Inspired by the patterns of their colorful story, SHIATZY CHEN has designed a collection of enchanting motifs and textures that pay tribute to this epic journey.

“Deviance,” a neutral term in western philosophy, has been continuously redefined as the courage to innovate and to challenge authority. In a legend rich in Asian cultural fundamentals, disciple Sun Wukong, “a rebel with a cause,” faces a cornucopia of difficulties and threats on the journey westward, and yet he emerges victoriously time after time. In the end, as a brave warrior, Sun helps his master, Tang Sanzang, to obtain the prized scriptures. Moving beyond the previous Rock ‘n Roll Collection, this season’s collection transcends the boundary of typical oriental elements; through the different combinations, a new design has taken shape. Embroidered, printed, or independently developed fabrics are all presented unconventionally and skillfully in the collections. Meanwhile, SHIATZY CHEN is again cooperating with the famed Taiwanese illustrator, Inca Pan, to portray Tang Sanzang and his disciples, Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, and Sha Wujing, with childlike hand drawing, allowing interdisciplinary cooperation to present both culture and art on fashion stage.

SHIATZY CHEN F/W 2016 adopts innovative techniques to reflect on surface fabrics and patterns. With the unique contour and fashionable look, you will experience the magic and endless fun on each splendid journey.