SHIATZY CHEN 2018 Fall-Winter Collection - PRESS DAY Taiwan

July 3, 2018, international luxury brand, SHIATZY CHEN presented its 2018 Fall-Winter Collection in Taiwan, at the Taipei Flagship store located in the Chungshan. Shiatzy Chen, design director and brand innovator for SHIATZY CHEN, interpreted the different angel of the whole new collection by creative and fun display.


Celebrities assemble for SHIATZY CHEN 40th anniversary

March 5, 2018, at 6:00 pm, international luxury brand, SHIATZY CHEN presented its 2018 Fall-Winter Collection, which was the brand's twentieth show at the Paris Fashion Week.



People in the past forged a route to the west, creating opportunities for dialogue between Eastern and Western culture and art. Walking along the boundless, history-steeped Silk Road, gazing ahead toward the future, one’s imagination runs free, crossing the boundary between dream and reality and entering a space where fantasies become real.


2018 Spring-Summer Fashion Show Counting Down…

2018 Spring-Summer Fashion Show, 18:00, October 2, (Paris, GMT: +1) #SHIATZYCHENSS18


2017 Fall / Winter Advertising Campaign Celebration

The 18th century built on the past and prepared for a new generation, with its humanistic philosophy, architectural style and artistic aesthetics as markers and annotations of a grand new era, flourished across fields.