Oriental Reverie - Coagulation

SHIATZY CHEN 2019 Spring/Summer Campaign

Oriental Reverie - Coagulation

SHIATZY CHEN’s photoshoot and video project for Spring/Summer 2019 attempts for the first time to capture and incorporate the mischievousness of live animals. Famous photographer Alexvi Li from Beijing and Cinematographer Chou Shu-Hao were invited to support the project. Based on the theme of “intriguing oriental realms” for Spring/Summer 2019, a series of still images and video clips have been planned. The young avantgarde models Leah Chen, Meng-Huan Yang, Alex Storm, and Ieva Kalvane intruded into hidden studios in Beijing’s back alleys for a fantasy party with the jade rabbit to capture moments frozen in time.。

Photographer Alexvi Li captures is adept at capturing delicate human expressions and utilizing natural lighting conditions and spatial layout. He aims to convey a spontaneous atmosphere with a fusion of virtual and real elements. His works are full of emotion and exhibit a subtle tension. He won first place in the “People” category of the Fine Art Photography Awards with his “Peking Apartments” series portraying the lives of foreign models temporarily living and working in Beijing.

Cinematographer Chou Shu-Hao, who has been nominated for the Golden Horse Award and has cooperated with numerous contemporary artists, has spent many years in Europe. His writings and photography work manifest a humanistic quality. The videos created in the context of this project exhibit a poetic fantasy ambience and are permeated with youthful spirit. Alexvi Li and Chou Shu-Hao joined hands in the highly challenging control of on-site sets to create a brand-new, unprecedented look for the SHIATZY CHEN 2019 summer/spring collection.