SHIATZY CHEN 2019SS Collection Fashion Show - Coagulation -

SHIATZY CHEN 2019SS Collection Fashion Show

Celebrities assemble presenting Paris Fashion Guide from the East

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October 1st, 2018, at 6:00 pm, international luxury brand, SHIATZY CHEN presented its 21st fashion show for 2019 Spring-Summer Collection at the Palais de Tokyo during the Paris Fashion Week. Breaking the boundaries of time and space.


Women's collection of this season is like staying in the dream. Viewers seem to wear a kaleidoscopic filter, and stumble upon a gate made of mahjong tiles; turning into the jade rabbit, which has lost its way, set off. As the dream-like mistiness gradually clears up, viewers will see the bright and gorgeous images to form elegant and feminine silhouette. Designer utilizes brand Logo, Mahjong pattern, and different materials to incorporates the classic spirit of brand into its works to redefine fun and pleasure.

At the scene of show, the mahjong patterns turn into the game map, leading viewers to experience the fantasy from apparel to bags and accessories, and then extending the imagination to irregular runway. The arched door and mirrors are interactively towering, and the main color is surrounded by azurite blue and carmine, providing viewers to walk into an immersive joyful wonderland. There are 38 female models presented a miracle story of 48 looks.

Show space
Show space

The show was honored by the presence of some of the most noted glitterati dressed in SHIATZY CHEN, including Asian artist & producer Ruby Lin, actress Wu Jinyan, Charmaine Sheh, brand leisure line ambassador, young actress Xu Lu, actress Eva Huang, Yin Er, singer Michelle Wai; VOGUE TW guest editors Joanne Tseng & Prince, fashion blogger Peggy Lu, Rita Chao, famous auther Peter Su; And Chinese KOL Chen Ran, Yvonne Ching, Anny Fan, Jiliang, Molly; Japanese It Girl Mademoiselle Yulia, AMIAYA, famous artist Mika Ninagawa; and international It girl, fashion Blogger Blair Eadie, French actress Silvia Garcia Bartabac etc.

Actress - Wu Jinyan / Brand leisure line ambassador, Actress - Xu Lu / Japanese Photographer & Producer - Mika Ninagawa / Artist & producer - Ruby Lin / Actress -Charmaine Sheh

Aactress - Jinyan Wu/ SHIAZTY CHEN Design Director & Founder - Ms. Shiazty Chen/ United Daily News Founder - Ms. Wang Xiaolan/ Dancer - Yang Wenzhao / Supermodel - I-Hua Wu

VOGUE TW Quest Editors - Joanne Tseng & Prince / Actress - Ying Er / It Girl - Yvonne Ching / Fashion KOL - Molly

Actress and Singer - Michelle Wai / Signer - Chen Bing / Chinese KOL - Ran Chen

French Actress - Louise Ebel/ Singer - Winnie Zhang / Fashion Blogger - Anny Fan / Celebrity Stylist - Ricky Kwok

French Actress - Juliette Besson / Fashion blogger - Julia Mateian / French Actress - Silvia Garcia Bartabac / Fashion Blogger - Anne-Sophie Mignaux-Kamar

French Actress - Claire Chust / Fashion Blogger - Madame Vanessa Modely / Signer & Director -MADEMOISELLE YULIA / Japanese Signer - AMIAYA


Stylist : Veronique Didry

Hair-Dressing :James Pecis @ Bryant Artists

Make-Up : Karim Rahman @ Open Talent Paris and M.A.C PRO team

Music Director : Frederic Sanchez @STUDIO FREDERIC SANCHEZ