The Artistic Journey to the West Exciting Launch of 2016 SHIATZY CHEN Inca Pan exhibition

The Artistic Journey to the West
Exciting Launch of 2016 SHIATZY CHEN Inca Pan exhibition

The fun of creation is to realize a flight of imagination. Each piece of unique work presents hard work of its creator. This year marks the 38th anniversary of SHIATZY CHEN since its brand was established. SHIATZY CHEN has unlimitedly longed for art creation and devoted itself to cultivation or discovery of new artistic talent. Thus, this year, for the first time SHIATZY CHEN initiated artist collaboration with Inca Pan, a young Taiwanese illustrator. Under his fun art expression with curved line, one of Four Chinese Great Classic Novels, The Journey to the West, was reinterpreted to bring representative figures of this classic novel to the public through 2016 SHIATZY CHEN Collections. For the valuable manuscripts, SHIATZY CHEN organizes the “Inca Pan Exhibition” in the beginning of autumn in 2016 to display together with works of pottery creator, Hu Hui-Chin, and metalwork creator, Bei Chiung-Ru, for interdisciplinary art exchanges to demonstrate the love and focus of art and creation.

• About the Illustrator Inca Pan

Inca Pan is a young Taiwanese illustrator; his real name is Pan Yun-Chia. During junior high school, he was inspired to paint after reading “Illustrators of Bologna Children’s Book.” In 2005, his work was selected for the “Bologna Children’s Book Fair.” Since then, he began his career as a professional illustrator. Inca Pan insists on hand-making crafts to deliver the brand spirit and fineness. Inca Pan likes to give a new life or profile of his works by painting stroke to allow free imagination and sheer enjoyment of viewers. At present, Inca Pan’s works can be often seen in domestic and international news, books, and exhibitions. He is also invited by the New York Times and the Washington Post in the US to create illustrations. This year, his collaboration with SHIATZY CHEN portrays characters of the Journey to the West including Tan Shanzang, Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, Sha Wujing, Princess Iron Fan, Bull Demon King, and Evil Spider as well as interesting background Huaguo Mountain, fruit, flying birds, and butterflies for a more complete story presentation.

• The Pottery Creator, Hu Hui-Chin, and the Metalwork Creator, Bei Chiung-Ru

Hu Hui-Chin engaged in pottery sculpture for about 20 years. She has continuously made breakthroughs in creation techniques and has been a frequent winner of several awards. In this cooperation with SHIATZY CHEN for the “Inca Pan Exhibition,” she transformed Inca Pan’s two-dimensional painting into a three-dimensional one. She put great efforts into pottery profile, glazing material control, and fire temperature. Another metalwork creator, Bei Chiung-Ru loves to find inspiration in travel and life. She presents new looks of cold metal line and extends the life of her works via stories and fun discoveries.

In this year’s early spring, SHIATZY CHEN invites three artists to display their various types of works. The exhibition is hold between now to October 16 (Sunday). There are 27 illustration pieces, 13 pieces of pottery works, 7 metalwork pieces, and four items of SHIATZY CHEN 2016 collection displayed on Floor 4 Art Gallery of Zhongshan Flagship Store of SHIATZY CHEN. By presenting you brainstorming from diverse and rich perspectives, you are invited to appreciate boutique products and artworks in the environment featuring modern elements and art and cultural inspiration.