2018 Spring-Summer Fashion Show Counting Down…

2018 Spring-Summer Fashion Show, 18:00, October 2, (Paris, GMT: +1) #SHIATZYCHENSS18


2017 Fall / Winter Advertising Campaign Celebration

The 18th century built on the past and prepared for a new generation, with its humanistic philosophy, architectural style and artistic aesthetics as markers and annotations of a grand new era, flourished across fields.


SHIATZY CHEN 2017 Pre-Fall collection

SHIATZY CHEN 2017 Pre-Fall collection is inspired by the French Realism painter, Jean-François Millet, and one of his famous oil paintings, “Des Glaneuses”.


SHIATZY CHEN 2017 A / W Collection Immediate Release

March 7, 2017, at 5:30 pm, international luxury brand, SHIATZY CHEN presented its 2017 Fall-Winter Collection at one of the historical landmarks in Paris – Grand Palais as usual, which was the brand’s eighteenth show at the Paris Fashion Week.


2017 Spring/Summer Advertising Campaign : Cutting Clouds

SHIATZY CHEN Spring Summer 2017 collection, Ms. Shiatzy Chen, designer and founder, this profound visual emotion manifested itself during a visit to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona where the continual interaction between grandeur and delicateness, the changing lights and the clouds seen through the stained glass windows were the creative spark that inspired her new collection, with its bold colors and exquisite silhouettes.